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American Registry is passionate about recognizing excellence. We start by identifying the nation's top performers, from your beloved family physician to your trusted legal counsel, to that top rated pizza parlor downtown. Large and small, local and national, whether a small business or the fastest growing in the Fortune 500, they have one thing in common: they've been rated and ranked the best. And once they've been recognized for their outstanding achievements, they're in The Registry - The American Registry of Business Excellence.

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Elegantly styled eye-catching recognition products.

American Registry helps customers commemorate and promote their unique recognitions by designing and manufacturing plaques, marquees, crystals, counter displays, banners and more! Please click here to see our complete collection of recognition products.

The American Registry Partner Program

American Registry has partnered with a wide variety of organizations known for their effectiveness at recognizing excellence in businesses and professionals. These organizations go through great pains to gather peer review ratings, customer reviews, and results of industry analyses, to uncover the best businesses and professionals in North America.

Partners rely on American Registry to design, present, manufacture (all products are hand made in the U.S.A.) and ship, beautiful recognitions for their deserving honorees. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, American Registry can instantly present our customizable recognition products on an honoree's personalized web page. Honorees are informed of the availability of their recognitions by email or fax or on our partners' websites via the Plaque-it! Button. Be in touch to learn more.

American Registry has earned the trust of our partners, as well as tens of thousands of businesses and professionals looking for a way to promote their honors and achievements. We are proud to have been selected to be the exclusive recognition products partner for some of America's most well-known professional organizations.

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